Welcome to the Future You









Rycklon Stephens aka Big Ryck formerly Ezekiel Jackson began weight training when he was 15 years old. He was able to develop his “PHYSZEKE” due to research, trial and error and most of all CONSISTENCY. During college Rycklon competed in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting competitions; after graduating he began to train for professional wrestling.  Rycklon wrestled with the WWE from 2007 to 2014 . He became a one-time World Champion when he won the ECW Championship in February of 2010, and a one time Intercontinental Champion in 2011.

Nothing on earth amazes Rycklon more than the ability of the Human Body to transform. Utilizing his degree in Exercise Science and 20 plus years of studying the body and nutrition he’s ready to share his knowledge with those ready for a change.  He wants to help anyone who makes the choice to overcome self imposed mental and physical obstacles into training success.  Ryck’s individually customized programs combine positive mindset coaching with specific training, conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation.